Intuitive Services

Intuitive Services are offered at Halo Wellness Center by Maryann Kelly, Holistic Health Intuitive and Spiritual Medium.  As a Holistic Health Intuitive, Maryann helps clients explore and uncover vibrational energy patterns that may be causing health challenges.  In addition, her intuitive gifts enable her to help open the communication with spirits of those passed over.   The combination of these gifts is very unique and provides a full mind, body, spirit experience.  Maryann extracts and integrates multiple modalities such as Reiki, Light Grid and Crystalline Energy to provide as comprehensive a reading as possible offering as much information as available to help you.  If you feel “stuck”, struggling with health issues, or would like to connect with a passed loved one Maryann can assist you in your journey.  In some cases, past lives and energetic cords may be revealed which may require follow up sessions if these topics would like to be explored more fully.

Her passion is to help you heal so you can live life more fully with joy, peace and happiness!

1 hour session – $99

Intuitive coaching programs are available for those who would like to gain insight into their own intuition, validate their instincts, or need additional help moving forward on their healing journey.  Programs can also be designed for teens to help them through difficulties with school, work or social challenges.  Maryann also specializes in assisting corporate professionals integrating intuition, passion and values to help reach the highest potential while keeping integrity intact.


Intuitive Coaching Program – minimum 6 hours over 3 months – $95-125/hour

Accelerated Coaching and Group programs are available upon request.

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About Maryann Kelly:


Maryann was an accomplished corporate professional who through her spiritual journey and awakening, uncovered her intuitive gifts.  After spending decades in the corporate world and experiencing great success her keen intuition told her she was needed for a greater purpose.  She has always been passionate about helping others, mentoring and coaching throughout her corporate career and now through her spiritual gifts, she is able to expand this passion and help people grow beyond what they thought possible.  Maryann is also certified in Reiki, Light Integrated Grid Healing Therapy and Medical Intuition.  She has received additional intensive training with local and national energy medicine and spirit medium professionals.