Clearing and Light Grid

Light Grid activation awakens our original connection  and helps clean up our blue print, physical body, mind and soul. It cleans our DNA, and removes any programs and denser energies from the cells.   This also works with both family lines and past lives. It cleans the cells and resets them so their frequencies are in perfect harmony with the universe. It finds any heavy energies around the body in organs, bones, tissue and cells and helps release them, if the spirit is ready to learn from it and let go of them. It cleans the spine and activates the crystals that are in your body. The activation cleans any heavy energy from the brain and resets the frequency of the brain so you are a living channel in tune with the universe and the earth.

It brings the spirit back fully into the body so you can live a full life on this earth enjoying the fruits of the earth in your body on your true path. All structures around you, that are not clean, you will be able to see them with clear eyes. These old structures may brake down around you and clear ones will be set up. You will be able to see straight away who or what is not clear around you. Your connection and way of seeing nature will become much more in line. You will be able to connect more with mother earth. Youbecome a living channel, which is able to constantly change frequency with the universal shifts. So it makes the shifts become easier on our physical body, while being able tobe in tune with whatever messages are being passed down. This work is never invasive. It goes only as deep as you allow it to in alignment with your Higher Self. You willconnect with the universal grid of light and all lines will be cleaned and open to help you.

How it works
Light Grids is like a tablecloth made of threads of fiberoptic cables. All are containing strands of information and each one is different. Some are for reprogramming with new information connected to the Stars, others are connected to energies from this Earth, and all are connecting to our cells (DNA).  Others are for clearing blocks, and some areconnected to timelines with our past, past lives and the beginning of time. All are interwoven with each other.

An example of how this works is if picture a table cloth and you were to pull on one of the threads in the center, it would effect the whole tablecloth. The same way, if you work on any of these threads it still will have an effect on the whole.  No matter where on that cloth you pull the thread it still has an affect on all. We are all connected on many levels in space, time, and dimensions. So, working on one thread, is still having an effect on all.

This is Light Grids, there are no specific points, and by touching anywhere you are connected to all.  These are multi-dimensional Light Grids, and you can work these Grids with individuals or groups, whole families and friends. Therefore, anyone that you are connected with will be affected by it. The more we connect to it, the stronger and lighter it will be. This is how the Group Clearings are working, we all connect to these Grids. Its very personal yet connected to all.

Benefits of Light Grids
•Heart-centered awareness of life
•Ability to speak your truth and connect through the heart
•Increased vitality
•Ability to see clearly – alignment with soul purpose
•Trust to let go of what no longer serves you
•Integration of mind, body and spirit
•Deeper ability to know and love one’s self unconditionally
•Heightened awareness and ability to make clear decisions in life
•Acceptance of others and seeing the divinity of others
•Releasing of genetic and past life programs that mask your true divine nature
•Releasing of programs of social conditioning; religion, sexuality, schooling, family influences that no longer serve your journey to the light
•Works on the energetic fields in and around the body, also of the environment, changing frequencies of matter, allowing more light to inhabit the physical plane
•Brings all soul fragments into the physical body in the here and now, bringing about a greater sense of wholeness and integration
•Grounds spirit into the body, and the Earth, allowing our true light to shine
•Raises frequency of the cells of your body
•Clears old blockages, creating space for light to inhabit the body
•Clears fears, traumas, and heavy energies of depression and anxiety
•Re-coding of DNA to the frequency of Divine Light
•Clears chakras
•Increased Life force energy of the body
•Increased intuition and inner knowing
•Clears heaviness from the Heart

One hour session – $90

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