Classes and Events

Classes and Events

Group Light Grid with Lisa O’Brien

Friday May 11th, June 15th 7:00pm-9:00pm 

Gathering as a group to relax and receive an energetic clearing of our human filters/programs, such as fears, judgments, limiting beliefs, programmed beliefs and human conditioning.  As we release these denser energies from the system we can also heal karmic and past life issues, as well as, family lineages.  High frequency Light Grid energy downloads into the system raising the vibration of all the cells.  No preparation required except and open mind and heart.  Bring a blanket, pillow and mat if you have one. Some of the benefits: •Letting go of ego structures, illusions of control, limited and negative thought forms •Inner peace, calm and joy •Works on the energetic fields in and around the body, also of the environment, changing frequencies of matter •Reconnects you with your self-healing abilities •Raises frequency of the cells of your body •Clears old blockages, creating space for light to inhabit the body •Clears fears, traumas, and heavy energies of depression and anxiety •Greater inner guidance on all aspects of life •Clears heaviness from the Heart

Fee: $30 – must register with full payment prior to session due to limited space.   Choose date and click below to register.  


Crystal Bowl Meditation/Reiki

Monday April 23rd, May 14th 7pm-8pm

Join Beth O’Brien, spiritual medium and intuitive healer, for the beautiful sounds of the crystal bowl meditation.  The sound of the bowls bring physical, mental and emotional cleansing through the vibration.  The bowls will also cleanse and nourish each of your chakras that can become blocked by every day life.  During the meditation, Jason Foster, Reiki Master/Medium will provide short reiki energy healing to help further relax and clear your chakras.

Fee: $20 Register by clicking below or call 856-574-4433

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Gong Sound Healing

Tuesday April 17th 7:00-8:00pm

Join Juliette Gamble as she plays the gong to re-balance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies with the beautiful sounds.  The gong is an excellent therapy for stress, depression, fatigue, anger and loneliness.  The deep sound gong bath supports regeneration and self-healing through the vibrations and harmonics.  It also releases Kundalini energy and balances the meridians (energy pathways).  You will feel experience a state of calm and leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  Pre-registration is required due to limited space.

Fee: $20


TRE (Tension/Trauma Release) Series

Every other Tuesday 7pm-8:30pm starting April 24th

Due to the tremendously positive feedback we have added TRE to our ongoing class schedule!  Join Juliette Gamble, M.S., NBCC – Level II Advanced Certified TRE Provider as she takes you through a series of 7 exercises that have been designed to help relieve stress and trauma.  These specific exercises assist the body to release deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma by activating your innate vibration that encourages your body to return to a state of balance and healing.  Everyone can benefit from TRE including those with insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain or discomfort.  Additional benefits include positive thinking, better relationship skills, increased energy and vitality.  This class is suitable for all who want to experience inner joy, peace and release!  Weekly classes progress to also includes breath work, sound healing, meditation, aromatherapy, meridian exercises and yoga poses.  Juliette is the only Level II Advanced Certified TRE provider in the South Jersey area and brings 25 years of counseling and teaching with a touch of humor to create a safe and comfortable environment.  Pre-registration is required due to limited space.  Choose dates below to register or buy a class card and save! $20 for drop in or buy a 4 class card for $60 ($15 per class).

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Using Your Intuition Part III – Differentiating Intuition from Bias

May 18th 7pm-9pm

Join Maryann Kelly, holistic health intuitive and spiritual medium, as she continues to help you focus on using your own intuition.  This class is for anyone who is interested in using their own intuitive abilities in their everyday life.  Learn how to distinguish bias from intuition and see what surfaces faster for you.   Class includes engaging exercises and real life examples.  Please bring a pen or pencil.  Part 1&2 not required to take this class.  Pre-registration is required due to limited space.

Fee: $45